Refractive eye surgery

To stop wearing glasses or contacts.

The consultation

Before any refractive eye surgery, a very specialized ophthalmological examination is performed. This is the preoperative ophthalmologic assessment.

The purpose of this comprehensive ophthalmologic workup is to determine:

– whether you are operable or not;

– the laser surgery technique best suited to your case, i.e. the technique that will provide both the best result and the most safety.

For this purpose,
The Monte-Carlo Clinic
is equipped with modern, high-tech and high-performance laser diagnostic equipment, including the latest ACE* OCT imaging technology from Bausch and Lomb and a NIDEK refractive chain.

The defects of the vision

Myopia chevron-down chevron-up

Your vision is blurred from a distance. Myopia is caused by an eye that is too long. Thus, the image of a distant object is formed in front of the retina and not on the retina which is the point of sharpness.

Hyperopia chevron-down chevron-up

Your vision is blurred up close and clear at a distance. Hyperopia is due to an eye that is too short (it is the opposite of myopia). An image of an object is formed behind and not on the retina.

Astigmatism chevron-down chevron-up

Your vision is blurred from far and near. Astigmatism is due to a curvature deformation of the cornea which is oval instead of round. The image of an object is formed at different points in front of or behind the retina, not on the retina.

Presbyopia chevron-down chevron-up

Close reading becomes difficult. Presbyopia occurs from the age of 40 and is secondary to the aging of the lens which gradually loses its ability to accommodate. The image of an object is formed behind and not on the retina. With time you move your arms further and further away to read or look at your phone for example.

The Monte Carlo Clinic is one of the first clinics in the world hyper specialized in the specific treatment of Presbyopia

  • By unique 100% laser technique SUPRACOR* without pain and with a fast recovery in less than 24 hours
  • By technique of placing multifocal intraocular implants

100% laser procedures

There are 3 techniques of laser surgery which are 100% laser LASIK and SUPRACOR, TransPRK and SMILE (or lenticular surgery) 

100% laser LASIK and SUPRACOR

LASIK. It is painless and allows a quick visual recovery (less than 24 hours) and the possibility to work the day after the operation. This is the most common technique used in refractive eye surgery today.

The SUPRACOR. This multifocal laser treatment process is unique in the world. It remodels the central part of the cornea and allows for the specific treatment of presbyopia.

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LASIK, or femto-LASIK, is a surgery that has been used for over 20 years. It combines the use of two lasers in order to accelerate visual recovery, while limiting post-operative discomfort.

First, the femtosecond laser creates a bubble interface on the surface of the cornea that will be lifted in order to treat the visual defect with a second laser. This is the excimer laser which allows a photoablation. The superficial corneal flap is put back in place at the end of the procedure. The operation is fast and strictly painless, thanks to a local anesthesia by eye drops.

This technique, for which we have significant experience, has the advantage of allowing a very rapid recovery of vision.

Femme après une chirurgie Réfractive des Yeux
Oeil de couleur bleue

The TransPKR: no touch 100% laser

With more than 30 years of experience, PRK is a surface laser surgery. This procedure is performed 100% by laser, without contact with the eye, with a treatment time of less than one minute.

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The laser allows a precise ablation of the surface corneal tissue, programmed according to the visual defect to be treated. At the end of the operation, a dressing lens is put in place. It will be removed by your surgeon after 3 days. The operation is strictly painless, thanks to local anesthesia with eye drops.

The SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction)

The 100% laser SMILE is a laser surgery that has been practiced for about 10 years, using only the femtosecond laser.

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This innovative technique is only available in certain refractive surgery centers, including the Monte-Carlo Clinic. The femtosecond laser individualizes a lenticule in the corneal thickness. The shape of the lens that is then extracted depends on the degree of visual correction.

The operation is fast, totally painless and allows a quick visual recovery.

Refractive eye surgery techniques

With implants

Intraocular implants are lenses that are placed in the eye.
There are 2 types of operations with implants.

Phakes implants: solution for myopia.

Phake surgery for myopia is an additive technique, we do not remove anything, we add a lens (Phake implant) inside the eye. Phakes implants can be performed at any age.

They correct myopia, and possibly also vision defects that may be associated with myopia such as astigmatism and presbyopia. They are widely used when laser is not possible, and they have the advantage of being able to correct strong and malignant myopia.

Oeil de couleur bleue
Femme après avoir fait une chirurgie réfractive des yeux

Multifocal implants: solution for presbyopia.

This technique is intended for presbyopic patients who no longer wish to wear glasses for either distance or near vision.

The procedure consists of placing a multifocal implant to replace the lens that has been removed.

The technical platform

The technical platform includes exceptional operating theatres that comply with the latest European standards of asepsis and safety.

The Monte-Carlo Clinic is :

  • internationally renowned ophthalmic surgeons with more than 20 years of experience.
  • 3 operating theatres, respecting the latest European standards of asepsis and safety (absolute filters, bactericides…).
  • Latest generation lasers: 100% laser technique, painless, visual recovery in less than 24 hours.
  • high-tech equipment: reliability, accuracy and precision of laser treatments: 100% laser, Excimer Teneo 2 Bausch and Lomb and Laser Fentosecond and SMILE Zeiss
  • quick, precise and painless treatments.
  • Iris recognition: personalized identification of your eye using ACE * OCT imaging Technology from Bausch and Lomb and Eyetracker to increase treatment safety by tracking your eye movements.

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We are equipped with the latest generation of lasers: an ACE® diagnostic and laser platform and the TECHNOLAS® TENEOTM 317 Model 2.

  • The Eexcimer laser is used in refractive eye surgery. It allows to sculpt the cornea and to correct any type of ametropia. The goal is to allow you to stop wearing glasses. It has a laser treatment process for presbyopia that is unique in the world: the SUPRACOR. This multifocal laser remodels the central part of the cornea.
  • Zeiss femtosecond laser: the femtosecond laser is also used in refractive surgery. Its role is complementary to that of the Excimer laser, mainly for the realization of Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) and the SMILE technique.

The steps of your 100% laser eye surgery


Balance sheet

A complete ophthalmological assessment is performed by one of our ophthalmic surgeons



The best laser or implant surgery protocol is proposed to you with a quote



After your signed agreement, the laser or implant procedure is carried out and lasts a few minutes



It is painless and the visual recovery is fast the next day



A postoperative check-up is scheduled the evening or the day after your operation



You are taken care of by a professional medical team that is always available 24/7 by phone

The steps of your hair transplant / hair treatment


Balance sheet

A complete diagnostic assessment: clinical, photographic by artificial intelligence, biological, hormonal and genetic is performed by one of our hair surgeons



The best medical regenerative or surgical hair protocol is proposed to you with an estimate



After your signed consent, the hair transplant procedure or treatments will be performed are offered to you in ambulatory without pain and without scar



A postoperative check-up is scheduled in the evening, the day after and at a distance from your operation



You are taken care of by a professional medical team that is always available 24/7 by phone

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