Treatments & Hair transplants

The consultation & diagnosis

The diagnosis

The diagnosis is made by our specialist doctors after a complete clinical hair assessment aided by artificial intelligence (TrichoLAB™) and thanks to a unique comprehensive hormonal, biological and genetic assessment (TrichoTest).

Hair diagnosis is essential to accurately identify the causes of hair pathology.

At the Monte-Carlo Clinic
we have the latest diagnostic techniques, allowing us to identify the exact origin of the hair problem and determine whether it is temporary or permanent. Our goal is to offer the client a personalized and complete diagnosis with our exclusive and high-performance devices.

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Complete clinical hair assessment with TrichoLAB™Technology

This software (artificial intelligence) analyzes the images taken through the TrichoLAB Studio™ and provides an estimate of the number of grafts available in the donor area (back of the head), as well as the number of grafts needed to restore the recipient area with optimal results through the TrichoLAB TransPlanner™.

The TrichoLAB Studio™ is equipped with FotoFinder™ Mediacam/Leviacam cameras, which take high-resolution images of the scalp, forehead, temples and back of the head.

The TrichoLAB TransPlanner ™ provides the following detailed information:

  • Total number of grafts
  • Number of available grafts
  • Number of grafts needed
  • Harvest and insertion density

This technology is the most powerful in quantifying the success of treatments or hair transplants and allows surgeons to design procedures more accurately and quickly.
In particular, it offers a set of tools to help perform three different examinations non-invasively: Trichoscopy, TrichoScale and Trichogram.

Trichoscopy is the dermoscopic study of the scalp.
The examination takes between 20 and 30 minutes. It gives precise images of the condition of the hair and its number.
The trichoscopy report will be given to you during this consultation and will serve as a reference to objectify the effectiveness of a treatment.

The TrichoScale is a "scanner" of the scalp (phototrichogram).
It allows us to measure hair loss, the proportion of pathological hair and, in case of treatment, to assess its impact on hair loss.
This examination can also be performed in case of suspicion of abnormalities in the hair cycle.

The Trichogram is a microscopic examination of the hair roots.
It is used to accurately measure the extent of hair loss and to assess the amount of diseased hair in the patient's head of hair.

Hormonal and biological assessment:
Example: During your consultation a blood test will be prescribed to evaluate your general health etc...

The complete genetic assessment with the Trichotest DNA TEST :

The TrichoTest is the most comprehensive genetic test for hair loss:
- it allows the personalization of the treatment of hair loss.
- It combines the analysis of genetic variations, lifestyle factors and literature related to the treatment of hair loss.
- it offers individualized treatment options through topical or oral solutions.
The DNA sample is taken with a swab from inside the mouth.

Hair loss

Our hair is constantly renewed, following a cycle in 4 phases that repeat in a loop: the anagen phase (growth phase, lasts from 3 to 5 years), the catagen phase (decay phase lasts between 15 to 20 days), the rest phase (the hair is dead, ready to fall out, lasts between 2 and 3 months) and the fall. We normally lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day. It is therefore beyond this normal drop that we must start to worry. 

Androgenetic alopecia chevron-down chevron-up

Androgenetic alopecia is commonly referred to as "baldness", especially in men. It particularly affects men of European origin. In this form of hair loss, only the top of the head is affected. The hair around the skull is preserved (this is the "Hippocratic crown" of bald men).

Androgenetic alopecia can also be observed in women. In this case, the hair loss concerns the entire top of the head, in a diffuse manner, sometimes sparing the frontal edge (the hairline on the forehead).

Diffuse alopecia chevron-down chevron-up

Commonly called effluvium, diffuse alopecia is a non-hereditary, reversible, reactive hair loss. It is the result of a disorder suffered by the body, which can be stress, great fatigue, childbirth, treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy ...) or a dietary deficiency (iron, zinc, B vitamins ...).

Diffuse alopecia is not localized and affects the whole hair unlike androgenetic alopecia. It usually appears two to three months after the event that triggered it, and affects women more often than men. The causes of diffuse alopecia can be very varied, so it is important to clearly identify them in order to target treatment.

Pelade chevron-down chevron-up

Also called alopecia circumscripta, alopecia is an alopecia that is most often localized and very sudden. It is characterized by hair loss in clumps, leaving bare patches of round or oval shape in the hair.

Most of the time, alopecia is effectively treated by local and/or oral treatment, or by puvatherapy, but it usually takes 3 months to 1 year to fully recover hair.

Ringworm chevron-down chevron-up

Ringworm is a fungal infection of the scalp or skin, which is caused by fungi, dermatophytes. These are therefore mycoses, which are extremely contagious and can affect humans but also animals, then likely to transmit it to humans.

Ringworm is well treated with oral and/or local anti-fungal therapy. Be careful, without treatment ringworm can cause permanent alopecia.

Traction alopecia chevron-down chevron-up

Also called bun alopecia, it is a hair loss caused by the repeated and prolonged pulling of hair during very tight hairstyles (ponytail, buns, African braids ...) or straightening too often.

This alopecia is reversible by adopting new hairstyling habits. It is then advised to leave the hair loose as much as possible and to avoid aggressive care, straightening and home-made coloring.

Trichotillomania chevron-down chevron-up

Trichotillomania or trichomania is a psychological disorder that causes the sufferer to compulsively pull out his or her hair, resulting in more or less extensive and severe traction alopecia depending on the severity of the disorder.

The solutions

Capillary medical treatments

Traitements personnalisés en fonction du résultat du diagnostic et selon les besoins du patient:

HAIR SENSITIVE chevron-down chevron-up

Traitement non invasif pour les patients les plus sensibles.

HAIR COCKTAIL chevron-down chevron-up

Réparation capillaire pour cheveux abîmés.

HAIR COCKTAIL + chevron-down chevron-up

Traitement réparateur des cheveux abîmés avec adjonction de cellules souches.

SOIN CAPILLAIRE chevron-down chevron-up

Traitement pensé pour la chute des cheveux aiguë.

HAIRCOMPLEX chevron-down chevron-up

Traitement pour la chute de cheveux saisonnière.

HAIRCOMPLEX + chevron-down chevron-up

Protocol pour la Chute de cheveux d’étiologie differente (post ménopause, stress, thyroïde, immunité…).

Les protocoles sont des traitements de 4 à 8 semaines effectués avec un équipement sophistiqué et des produits hautement spécifiques.

LED technology – Light Emitting Diode – is known for its beneficial therapeutic effects on skin inflammation.

The revitalizing action of the hair LED intervenes at all stages of the hair’s life cycle, both against loss and for hair growth.
Thanks to its repairing virtues, it supports the cicatrization, the cellular regeneration and the rejuvenation.

This form of light therapy or phototherapy is used against baldness and hair loss, to promote hair growth.

In addition, the therapeutic action of LED light optimizes the results after a hair transplant.


Painless and non-invasive.

Hair mesotherapy

To be healthy, dense and shiny, hair needs water and nutrients. Thanks to a biostimulant cocktail, hair mesotherapy provides the hair with the vitamins necessary for its growth, by micro-injections into the scalp.

In particular, this wide variety of micro-nutrients helps to correct scalp deficiencies, remedy deficiencies and capillary fragility, and increase hair diameter.

It is often associated with LED science.

Stimulation and revitalization / Hairbooster

PRP: regenerative medicine

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived directly from the patient’s body from a blood draw. It is isolated from red and white blood cells for reinjection.

The platelets in PRP, which contain a very large number of “growth factors”, have a regenerative effect on the hair follicle stem cells.
PRP helps to slow down hair loss and activate hair growth.


Biomimetic peptides

Peptides are proteins made up of amino acids that our body uses to repair, protect or regenerate cells.

Peptides provide a real answer to hair loss. In intensive treatment, to act on the reconstruction of the scalp, to regulate the loss of hair and to support the regrowth.


Stem cell mesotransplantation

Regenerative medicine

Mesografting uses mesenchymal cells (MSC), which are stem cells that contain growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors and vascularization factors.

The patient’s own cells are harvested and then reinjected into the desired areas to induce regeneration through cell transplantation and natural hair growth.

Femme ayant fait une greffe de cheveux.


NANOFAT is the new generation treatment to stop hair loss and promote hair growth.

Since fat is extremely rich in growth factors and stem cells, it is used to counteract hair loss.

Collected from the abdomen or the inside of the knees, it is then centrifuged and reinjected into the scalp using an injector gun.
By following a treatment plan of 2 sessions, one month apart, your hair will be strengthened and hair loss can be stopped.

Innovation and Hair-Regenerative-NanoFat-Transfer


TricoPat is the latest technology developed in trichology for the treatment of male and female scalp pathologies.

It is a completely painless and non-invasive treatment. The Tricopat stimulates the scalp and thus allows to redensify the hair mass, tohave a stronger, thicker hair and a healthy scal p!

The TricoPat process allows an immediate increase of the blood microcirculation in order to oxygenate the tissues as well as a stimulation of the cellular metabolism of the tissue thanks to the diffusion of active ingredients.

New painless treatment for scalp pathologies

Femme avec un cuir chevelu sain et en pleine santé

BIO artificial fibers and Hairstetics

Artificial organic hair

Designed to meet your needs, artificial hair implants benefit from the latest technology, directly inspired by the natural anatomy of your hair. The procedure is safe, effective and minimally invasive. A careful analysis and a specialized visit are necessary to choose the right candidate. In less than an hour, you will leave with a new hair.

It is a process adapted to people whose donor area is too poor, and also to women who suffer from diffuse alopecia.

Hair micropigmentation

Trichopigmentation, without surgery and without pain

This technique is used to densify an area, camouflage a scar, resolve a shaved head appearance.

Two to three sessions at 15 day intervals are recommended.
The pigments are inserted by ultra fine needles so there is no pain, just a tingling sensation.

A topical anesthetic is used for better comfort.

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The technique used is a micro-tattoo on the scalp, which is performed with a dermograph and a sterile micro-needle, which allows the deposition of micro-particles of bioresorbable mineral pigments (certified and safe for health) in the epidermis.

Thanks to the use of equipment and a perfect mastery and knowledge of pigmentology, as well as the rules of visagism, this technique gives a personalized solution for each client.

These small dots mimic the hair follicle perfectly for a shaved hair effect or full density for men and women.
Pigments are selected according to skin type, hair type and color. On sparse hair and on grafted areas, this technique allows to pigment the scalp in order to create a trompe l'oeil effect by densifying the hair.

BIO artificial fibers and Hairstetics

Exclusive intravenous adjuvant treatment during your care at Clinique Monte Carlo.

100% direct absorption on the cells of the hair bulb because this route avoids the intestinal barrier. After a consultation with our specialist doctor who will evaluate your vitamin, mineral or hormonal deficiencies, you will receive a personalized treatment rich in nutrients (iron, zinc, calcium gluconate, magnesium, vitamin B, biotin…) that are essential for the regrowth and growth of your hair.

Hair transplant : Rigenera* : Stem cells

Promote hair growth and slow down hair loss with an autologous mesenchymal stem cell transplant from your own scalp.

After a sample is taken under local anesthesia, your own stem cells are reinjected by micro-injections into the scalp.

The objective is to restore density and vitality to your hair a few months after the first treatment. A second session 1 year later is sometimes necessary.

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The technique used is a micro-tattoo on the scalp, which is performed with a dermograph and a sterile micro-needle, which allows the deposition of micro-particles of bioresorbable mineral pigments (certified and safe for health) in the epidermis.

Thanks to the use of equipment and a perfect mastery and knowledge of pigmentology, as well as the rules of visagism, this technique gives a personalized solution for each client.

These small dots mimic the hair follicle perfectly for a shaved hair effect or full density for men and women.
Pigments are selected according to skin type, hair type and color. On sparse hair and on grafted areas, this technique allows to pigment the scalp in order to create a trompe l'oeil effect by densifying the hair.

Femme ayant fait une mésogreffe

Hair transplants

Hair transplantation

The FUE technique uses a robotic hybrid micropunch. It is painless, scarless and requires only one to two sessions.

The principle of hair transplantation or hair implants is simple: hair is taken from the back crown area, where it never falls out, and then re-implanted towards the front, in the forehead and tonsure area, to give a definitive and aesthetic result.

Our team and surgeons have taken part in training courses given by Doctor Jean Devroye in Belgium, who specializes exclusively in hair restoration. He has developed his own motorized system and follicular graft extraction tool, which is used at La Clinique Monte-Carlo.

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Hair transplantation is the definitive solution to androgenic alopecia.
We offer a method of micro-hair transplantation with FUE technique performed with a hybrid micro-punch robot of the latest generation, which guarantees an aesthetic result without scars.

All our grafts are performed in the operating room in full compliance with the rules of hygiene and safety under local anesthesia or potentiated using a new technique of painless injection.
Hair transplantation is indeed a complex medical procedure that, when performed according to the rules of the art, can help you regain your self-confidence.

The doctor will discuss the placement of your hair, which is guided by the density and quality of available donor hair. The surgeon's art and experience with the help of TrichoLAB* artificial intelligence will help you set realistic expectations.
The number and size of grafts needed for the current session will then be finalized.

The FUE hair transplant technique can also be performed without shaving the recipient area. Painlessly and without scarring, long or shaved hair (in an area covered by other hair) is removed and re-implanted to the areas to be implanted. This technique increases the operating time and can be performed in one or more sessions. It has the advantage of not being visible and reduces social eviction.

Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow grafting is a simple surgical technique that allows for the densification or partial or total recreation of the eyebrow area.

The technique used is FUE without scarring. The surgeon removes one by one very fine hair at the top of the neck.

The implantation is done with a needle, respecting the original shape of the eyebrow as well as the distribution and orientation of the hairs to obtain a natural result.

The beard transplant

Painless and scarless

The beard transplant is a cosmetic surgery to correct the lack of hair in the beard-moustache.

The lack of hair density in this area can be explained by a loss of hair and beard hair due to the effect of androgenic hormones or by a lack of stimulation of the beard follicle.
The doctor then removes hair follicles from the head at the crown and re-implants them into the patient’s beard. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, making the operation painless.

We use the best FUE hair transplantation technique with the latest generation of robotic hybrid punch to avoid damaging the scalp.

Homme barbu torse nu ayant fait une greffe de cheveux.

Transplantation by removal of body hair

The painless and scarless hair transplant

This hair implant technique opens up new possibilities for many patients whose donor area has been poorly managed and/or damaged by previous procedures using outdated techniques.

For these patients there is a remedy: remove the hair from the beard or chest and re-implant it in the skull. Both procedures are performed under local anesthesia in the operating room.

The steps of your 100% laser eye surgery


Balance sheet

A complete ophthalmological assessment is performed by one of our ophthalmic surgeons

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The best laser or implant surgery protocol is proposed to you with a quote



After your signed agreement, the laser or implant procedure is carried out and lasts a few minutes



It is painless and the visual recovery is fast the next day



A postoperative check-up is scheduled the evening or the day after your operation

Un téléphone et une horloge, pour appeler la Clinique Monte-Carlo à tout moment.


You are taken care of by a professional medical team that is always available 24/7 by phone

The steps of your hair transplant / hair treatment

3 boutons pour jauger

Balance sheet

A complete diagnostic assessment: clinical, photographic by artificial intelligence, biological, hormonal and genetic is performed by one of our hair surgeons

Livre ouvert


The best medical regenerative or surgical hair protocol is proposed to you with an estimate



After your signed consent, the hair transplant procedure or treatments will be performed are offered to you in ambulatory without pain and without scar



A postoperative check-up is scheduled in the evening, the day after and at a distance from your operation

Un téléphone et une horloge, pour appeler la Clinique Monte-Carlo à tout moment.


You are taken care of by a professional medical team that is always available 24/7 by phone

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